Behind the lens


“[Frames] Behind the lens” aims to address the work, effort and life experience of three photographers who subjectively decide not only what we see of the world, but also how we see it. What remains hidden -but we show now-, is what is needed to undertake the work, to document the world’s problems.

This is a journey through different countries that records the work of both, young artists and well-established photojournalists. The camera will show us the world through the eyes of these professionals. We will get to know how they feel, how they relate to the world they know, and how they interact with what is unknown to them as well as to us. We will share their dreams and accompany them in their adventure..

Direcction: Miguel Mesas.
Script: Daniel Díez.
Episodes: 7.
Duration: 18-20 min.
Language: English.



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