The documentary “Tortilla Española” (Spanish Omelette) addresses the problems that the use of state symbols arises among Spaniards; particularly the flag and the anthem. Some symbols are created to bring society together and unite it around certain values. The fact that they not only don’t accomplish this goal but are often used precisely to the contrary, is an anomaly with respect to most countries in the world. But Spaniards seem to be resigned. “Spanish Tortilla” raises this issue as a communication problem that can be solved and uses this case as a pretext to reflect on the importance of symbols, myths and liturgies to unite communities and prepare them to work on collective projects.
The documentary features personalities from the politics such as Josep Borrell, Juan Carlos Monedero or Celia Villalobos, the mass media like María Rey, Gilles Tremlett or Lucía Méndez, and from universities, the advertising sector and the political communication. It also shows the results of the experiment carried out by the ultra-rationalist group Homo Velamine -during the demonstration that took place in Madrid on March 8-, in which a giant Spanish flag with a feminist motto was displayed, which had unexpected results.

Direction: Javier San Román
Script: Javier San Román
Director of Photography: Miguel Mesas
Production: Andrés Pérez



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