Are you able to pronounce it correctly?


Eva Hache teaches us how to pronounce the name of this revolutionary medicine for the rheumatoid arthritis treatment.
“After the approval of Xeljanz®, rheumatologists and patients in the European Union have access to an additional treatment against rheumatoid arthritis that can be administered with or without methotrexate,” says Xavier Velasco, director of the Inflammation and Immunology area at Pfizer Spain. “This approval represents an important step forward against rheumatology, since with the treatments available so far up to a third of RA patients may not obtain an adequate response, and some of the patients don’t maintain this response over time.”
Are you able to pronounce it correctly?

Direction: Miguel Mesas.

Client: Pfizer.
Actress: Eva Hache.
Camera: RED GEMINI 5K.



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