Antonio Resines

Spain’s famous actor Antonio Resines publishes the book "Pa' habernos matao. Memoirs of a bald man", where he does a review of his life and films while doing a journey to the recent history of his home country. A book full of anecdotes featuring people such as Fernando Trueba, José Luis Cuerda, Carmen Maura, Fernando Colomo, Verónica Forqué, Carlos Boyero, ... It also unveils the story of a good man, with a great sense of humour who enjoys spending time with his friends.

Antonio Resines
Veronica Forque
Fernando Trueba
Carmen Maura

"I know that at the end of my life, if I were to enumerate as John Huston does at the end of his memoirs, those things that if one were born again he would have liked to have done better, immediately after «spending more time with my mother, with my son, with my brothers» I would say «spending more time with Antonio»."

Fernand Colomo
Jose Luis Cuerda
Jesus Bonilla
Carlos Boyero

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